TV, Storytelling and Fiber Art

By Julie Buchwald Haley

It’s hard for me to stay connected to a single form of entertainment for too long, though a few steadfast ones come to mind.

I’ve been an avid TV viewer most of my life; I have a TV on, even in the background, most of the time. I grew up watching black and white TV because we didn’t get a color set until I was in high school. For Christmas, when I was 17, I got a small (5” screen small) portable TV. Boombox radio/ music players were all the rage, and Panasonic came out with its version of the mobile TV. It came in an over-sized box, making it look from the outside much bigger than the unit was, and I was convinced that my parents were playing a trick on me by wrapping my gift – whatever it was – in a box with the image of a TV on it. But it was indeed a TV! I watched it late into the night, much to my mom’s chagrin, and took it to college with me. I had it in my first apartment, maybe even my second, and no doubt completely wore it out. I loved it! I’m enthralled by storytelling and experiencing the emotional journey from laughter to heartbreak to triumph.

I’m the staff writer here at By All Means Graphics/The Entertainment Guide, along with my sales position. I’m a storyteller and have been a writer forever. My dad recalls when I was a kid, I would be telling him some very long, very tall tale I’d made up. Eventually, he would get bored with it, and in my sassy-pants way, I would put my hands on my hips, get a stern look on my face, and say, “Daaaddeee, LISTEN!” He must have nearly bitten through his cheeks trying not to laugh at me. He would smile and encourage my imagination. Both my parents are accomplished writers, so I come by it naturally. I am ever so slowly writing a beach novel told, in part, from the point of view of a dachshund named Daisy and her human, Jane. In the last few years, freelance writing has become a professional side gig for me and fulfills a lifelong dream.

I also like to create more tactile things through fiber art: knitting, quilting, and sewing. In the early part of 2020, I made more than 500 cloth masks for healthcare workers, neighbors, friends, and family. I spend a lot of winter evenings knitting hats and scarves to give away. I’m not very good at it – I don’t follow patterns and only know a few stitches – but I like it, and it keeps my hands busy on cold, snowy nights.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any quilting. I enjoy creating the fancy tops but not adding the batting, backs, and edging. I have several quilt tops just waiting to finish. I love working with colors, patterns, materials and embellishments to make something beautiful. My favorites are baby quilts.

I’m genuinely looking forward to learning about all the ways YOU are entertained.

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