Miniatures Are Big Fun!

Tracy Giza

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Since childhood, I have found entertainment through all kinds of arts and crafts, whether crocheting, painting, sketching or sewing. But it wasn’t until my mother bought me my first dollhouse that I discovered a craft that would encompass all of my passions at once, just on a smaller scale. My love of miniatures has enabled me to work in all areas of a structure as an interior designer, architect and carpenter would, from planning the style of the home and furnishings to creating and sculpting the pieces with raw wood and embellishments, then decorative painting techniques to set the particular style I want to showcase. From linens to chandeliers and staircases, I enjoy seeing the house’s personality develop with every detail.

It is relaxing, and I recommend miniatures for anyone looking for some creativity during a long winter. The best way to start is with an old dollhouse that needs some work - but start small, so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Decide on your favorite style, for example, modern farmhouse, shabby-chic, cabin, modern, etc., and begin looking for examples. Paint and decorate, learning how to create small objects. Many times you will find items around the house to use. A spring from a pen can be the start of a spiral notebook, caps from water bottles make wonderful pots for plants, used coffee grounds and glue make great dirt, plastic containers can turn into sinks or tubs. You can find lots of great support online through various groups offering mini chats, advice, and ideas.

This summer, my daughter Renee and I were invited to participate in a program by HGTV that started airing in November called The Biggest Little Christmas Showdown, where I was challenged to build a miniature Hawaiian-themed holiday home. We designed and constructed our home with all the holiday embellishments we could muster from a fireplace with stockings, traditional Hawaiian food and even a koi pond with a water feature, keeping in mind all the cultural embellishments that living in Hawaii would offer, such as surf, sand and sun. It was such a wonderful experience to share my passion with my daughter on HGTV.

I have built or refurbished many houses and will continue to for many years to come. For miniaturists like myself, playing with dollhouses has no age limit!

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