Musician Talk is an exciting new show on KYMN Radio, airing Sundays at 10:30am. It is an interview show with musicians you know, you've heard, or perhaps just heard about. When you tune in, you’ll hear host Pauline Shuster Jennings conduct casual, candid and lively conversations with local area musicians about how music matters in their lives, our community and beyond. Interviews include a few of their favorite songs – occasionally played live for the show. Tune in each week to hear up and comers and those that have been performing for years…and for a lot of fun. Don't worry if you miss an on-air episode, archived episodes will appear on this page.

Pauline Jennings has been on stages as an actor and/or singer for almost 40 years. She's worked in theater as producer, educator, director, writer, stage manager and (primarily) an actress. She also spent 15 plus years as singer in a number of pop/country/rock bands that performed throughout the region. She is married to drummer Steve Jennings, has two grown children, Chris and Sam, and lives in Northfield.

Episode 39: Hula Creek: Listen Now

Hula Creek

This week, Pauline interviews Matt Stanley and Craig Millerbernd, a couple of central Minnesotans that make up the group Hula Creek. Matt and Craig have been playing music for decades…band after band, navigating egos, expectations and creative black holes. In 2018, enough was enough and they ventured out to do it their way, playing music they love, writing songs from the heart, so they created Hula Creek. The results have been the most productive in the duo’s musical journey, and they are having a heck of a lot of fun. Fathers of four kids each, they say that, ultimately, Hula Creek’s master plan is make their kids think that they are cool...listen to find out if it’s working!

Episode 38: Rolf Haas: Listen Now

Rolf Haas

‘Violinist Rolf Haas is fearless'  says the Star Tribune, and he is Pauline Jennings' guest this week. As a musician who thrives on taking risks, Haas combines virtuosity and an expansive sound palette when playing concerts all over the world as soloist, recitalist and chamber musician. He currently plays in the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and has performed with other orchestras around the world. Haas has recently been featured on National Public Radio’s Performance Today.  He is also a respected hip-hop artist. His former group, Nocturnal Unit has been featured on the Current, and has been in regular rotation on 98.2 The Beat in LA. Their songs and records combined compositional techniques of conversational chamber music with the sonic palette of hip-hop and hardcore punk. Currently, he is building the framework for 13 Odd House, a name and place (website and more) through which he can release new creative projects including his first film, House of Mysterious Secret, a recital and storytelling movie experience. Listen for all the fascinating details!

Episode 37: Rock & Roll Revival #3 Ella Andrew and Peyton Sullivan: Listen  Now

Rock & Roll Revival

This is the third of a three-part MUSICIAN TALK series to celebrate Rock & Roll Revival 25 by speaking to those involved. This week, host Pauline Jennings speaks with Ella Andrew and Peyton Sullivan, two Northfield High School student soloists in the show. They love being in the show – both in 2019 and now. These two young women are very impressive singers. So much so that when they didn’t have recordings of their singing, Jennings decided to get them in the studio to record them with backing tracks so she could share their talent with her listeners.

This interview includes talk of their Rock & Roll Revival experiences, plus you get to hear them sing!

Episode 36: Rock & Roll Revival #2 Dave Shelby and Kai Legvold: Listen  Now

Rock & Roll Revival

Episode 35: Rock & Roll Revival #1 Ray Coudret: Listen  Now

Rock & Roll Revival 

Episode #35 kicks off a three show special dedicated to Rock & Roll Revival 25 (what a milestone!) called Dancin’ in the Streets– it’s a review type show produced every 2 years at the High School.  A show, mind you, that sells out quickly and consistently! In this episode, I’m pleased to be talking with Ray Coudret, the director, since 2013, of RRR.  I had him on MUSICIAN TALK show #16 to talk about his musical career - this time we discuss some of Rock and Roll Revival behind the scenes machinations, and how this year has been very different due to the pandemic. Performances are May 14-16th outside at the High School!

Episode 34: Mike Legvold: Listen  Now

Mike Legvold

This week, MUSICIAN TALK guest host Steve Jennings, sits in for Pauline, to interview Mike Legvold, a townie from a musical family, who has been making music in the Northfield area for decades. He has taught instrumental music in the Cannon Falls School District since 2001.  Legvold graduated from Northfield High School and earned music degrees from St. Olaf College and The University of Minnesota, where he performed as a tuba player in their bands, orchestras and sang in some of their choirs. As a brass player, he has played with the Up North Brass Quintet, Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra, the Lake Wobegon Brass Band, The Sheldon Theatre Brass Band and many other groups. Drawn to all things bass clef, he learned bass guitar in college and has played with The Zillionaires, Sam Ryden and the Eastside Collective, The Mark Allen Project, Peter Diggins and Friends and Sister Productions to name a few. He also plays regularly at Northfield’s United Methodist Church.

Episode 33: Gao Hong: Listen  Now

Gao Hong

This week's interview is with Gao Hong. Ms. Hong is a Chinese performer and composer who is a master of a pear-shaped lute called a pipa. She began her career as a professional musician at age 12 and later graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. In both China and the U.S., Hong has received numerous top awards and honors. In 2005 Gao Hong became the first traditional musician to be awarded the prestigious Bush Artist Fellowship and recently received world music gold medals for work on her latest albums. As a 2018 Sally Award winner, Gao Hong was honored at the Ordway Center for her commitment to the arts. Listen to hear some terrific stories and world class music!

Episode 32: Emma Borkowski: Listen Now

Emma Borkowski

This week's guest is Emma Borkowski.  Emma, a senior at St. Olaf, is from Brookfield, Wisconsin and has been seen in countless school, community, and professional stages all around the Milwaukee area performing in musicals, cabarets and showcases. On campus, she arranges for and sings with the ten-person treble voice group, Agnes A Cappella, and is also in the hip hop dance club, M.I.X. Locally, she was proud to perform with the Northfield Arts Guild in CASTastrophe 2. Following graduation, she plans to move to Nashville with her older sister to pursue a career in communications as well as writing and performing music. Listen to find out so much more.

Episode 31: Helen Forsythe: Listen Now

Helen Forsythe

Helen Forsythe is an active Northfielder, not only playing banjo and singing in multiple groups, but also as one of the owners of the Curbside Compost Cooperative. A musician since learning the banjo at seven years old, Forsythe now teaches others on guitar, ukulele and banjo at the Hot Spot Music Studio. She has an album of originals called The Blue Above It and continues to write bluegrass and folk tunes for her groups The Triplets, the Cannon River Currents, and the Bigmouth Buffalo String Band. On top of all this, Forsythe is fighting the good fight as a climate and sustainability activist.

Episode 30: Ethan Freier: Listen Now

Ethan Freier

Ethan Freier is a band director, writer, arranger, and freelance trombonist based in St. Paul  since 1987. Since 1998, he has been a concert and jazz band director in Northfield. Ethan earned the prestigious Performer's Certificate from Indiana University, where he got his Masters of Music degree. He can be heard regularly with Synergy, one of the most awarded cover bands in the Twin Cities, with the JazzMN big band and with the group he started, The Freier Department.  As a trombonist, he is in demand as a freelancer in the Twin Cities and has shared the stage and performed with numerous incredible musicians such as Kenny Rogers, Harry Connick Jr., Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Barry Manilow, Michael Bolton, Ray Charles and many more music celebrities.

Episode 29: Pauline Jennings: Listen Now

Pauline Jennings

This week on Musician Talk: The New Year's Mixin-It-Up special. Steve Jennings takes a turn in the interviewer's seat to chat with the host of Musician Talk, Pauline Jennings. Steve and Pauline are married... intrigued?  Then take a listen!

Episode 28: Anton Armstrong: Listen Now

Anton Armstrong

This week’s guest is Dr. Anton Armstrong, who became the fourth conductor of the St. Olaf Choir in 1990 after 10 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he served on the faculty of Calvin College. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College and earned a master’s degrees at the University of Illinois and doctorate at Michigan State University. Dr. Armstrong has been selected as a guest conductor and lecturer for countless prestigious national and international choirs and groups. Since 1990, Dr. Armstrong has served as Artistic Director of the St. Olaf Christmas Festival, one of the oldest musical celebrations of Christmas in the United States, begun in 1912 by F. Melius Christiansen, founder of the St. Olaf College Music Department, which features nearly 600 student musicians who are members of five St. Olaf choral ensembles and the St. Olaf Orchestra. He has received many distinguished awards including the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching, the Distinguished Alumni Award from the American Boychoir School, the Distinguished Alumni Award from Michigan State University and received the Saltzman Award from the Oregon Bach Festival – the festival’s highest honor. In the fall of 2014, The St. Olaf Choir and Dr. Armstrong received a Regional Emmy for the PBS television program Christmas in Norway with The St. Olaf Choir. Listen above to hear many interesting, heartfelt and funny stories.

Episode 27: Steve Amundsen: Listen Now

Steve Amundsen

This week’s guest on Musician Talk is Northfield High School graduate, Mark Joseph. After being gifted a guitar at the age of 10, Mark was inspired and forever changed by witnessing the virtuosity of “The King of Blues” (BB King). The subsequent decades, two thousand plus live shows, five full-length albums and multiple EPs, have permanently written Mark Joseph into the sonic history he was inspired by so many years ago. Listen now to find out more!

Episode 26: Mark Joseph: Listen Now

Mark Joseph

This week’s guest on Musician Talk is Northfield High School graduate, Mark Joseph. After being gifted a guitar at the age of 10, Mark was inspired and forever changed by witnessing the virtuosity of “The King of Blues” (BB King). The subsequent decades, two thousand plus live shows, five full-length albums and multiple EPs, have permanently written Mark Joseph into the sonic history he was inspired by so many years ago. Listen now to find out more!

Episode 25: The Collman-Miller Piano Duo: Listen Now

The Collman-Miller Piano Duo

On this week’s Musician Talk, both members of the Collman-Miller Piano Duo are interviewed.  Richard Collman and David Miller have performed together since the duo was formed in 2011. They have performed in Minneapolis, Grand Rapids, Northfield and at house music salons throughout the region. Richard Collman grew up in Prairie Lake west of Duluth and has degrees from UMD (piano), Yale Divinity School (M. Divinity), and the University of Notre Dame (M. Music in Music & Liturgy, pipe organ). He has combined a career in United Methodist ministry with music. Collman retired in Northfield in 2006 and remains active in arts promotion, piano and pipe organ performance. The other half of the duo, David Miller, hails from the Fargo/Moorhead area and holds a degree in music education from MSU-Moorhead; he also studied at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He taught music for over 30 years near Eugene, Oregon. Miller and his wife, Victoria, relocated to Northfield in 2008 where he continues to perform as a piano soloist and accompanist. Listen to hear so much more about their years playing together.

Episode 24: Randall Ferguson
Listen Now

Randall Ferguson

In 2014, Randall Ferguson retired after 38 years as vocal and instrumental music instructor in the Farmington school district. As an adjunct professor at Hamline University he taught ethnomusicology and music history. He has a love for all things guitar, particularly the history of guitar music. Along with being an accomplished guitar player, he’s also fluent on many other stringed instruments – both the antique and modern varieties!  Ferguson has played guitar in flamenco clubs from Madrid to Veracruz, but lives in Northfield with his wife, Audrey, Rosie the Chow Chow and Riley the Manx cat. Learn more as host Pauline Shuster Jennings talks with Randall Ferguson.

Episode 23: Robby Swenson
Listen Now

Robby Swenson

This week's guest is Northfield High School senior, Robby Swenson, also known as Lil Sipde. Swenson has had a love for music since early childhood which lead him to be involved in many musical endeavors including the band Beverage Men, the Northfield Chamber Choir, All State Choir, BCG, Lemon Water, NHS musicals (including as the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors) and much more. Recently, he’s been creating, producing, recording and editing original music in his home studio, including the recently completed LIL SIPDE ON THE TRACK (a friendly and clean rap album). And his studio work continues… he’s currently working on a new mixed-genre album. In fact, during this interview, you’ll be hearing a never-until-now released original song from this new project. Enjoy!

Episode 22: Paul Niemisto
Listen Now

Paul Niemisto

Dr. Paul Niemisto was this week’s guest on MUSICIAN TALK.  Niemisto recently retired from the St. Olaf College Music Department as Professor Emeritus. He joined St. Olaf in 1978, as conductor of the Norseman Band and instructor of low brass instruments. Originally from Northern Michigan he taught for a few years in the public schools in Canada before coming to Minnesota. In 1979 he founded the Cannon Valley Regional Symphony Orchestra, which he still conducts. In 1990 he founded Ameriikan Poijat (Boys of America), a Finnish style brass septet made of American musicians, which has toured internationally. In summer 2006 he spearheaded the now internationally known Vintage Band Music Festival. Niemisto was awarded the “Living Treasure in the Arts” award by the Northfield City Council in 2013. He also was a Fulbright scholar in Finland for the spring of 2017. He regularly performs as a conductor and on trombone, euphonium and tuba. He has three grown children and lives in Northfield with his wife Elinor. Listen to find out so much more...

Episode 21: Pete Schleif
Listen Now

Pete Schleif

This week's guest on MUSICIAN TALK is Pete Schleif, who is currently in his 26th year of teaching vocal music. He has directed school, church and community choirs in Colorado, North Dakota and Minnesota. Choirs under his direction have performed all over the United States and internationally. Schleif received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where he studied with René Clausen. In addition to his role as Director of the Vocal Performance Program at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, he is also the Associate Conductor of I Cantanti, a community choir based in Northfield. He lives in Northfield with his wife Lori and two sons, Isaac and Ian.

Episode 20: Steve Paoli
Listen Now

Steve Paoli

This week on Musician Talk: Steve Paoli.  Paoli is a drummer, singer, instructor and occasional guitarist you might've seen playing around Northfield or up in the Twin Cities, where he held the drum chair for 24 years in the popular show band C.B.O. a.k.a. Casablanca Orchestra. Paoli played and sang Brown-eyed Girl at President George W. Bush's Inauguration Ball in 2005. He's also been on countless recordings, including the soon-to-be-released new CD from local singer Mark Allen. His latest projects include the bands IVPlay and Amzie Strickland

Episode 19: Wendy Smith
Listen Now

Wendy Smith

This week's guest on Musician Talk is Wendy Smith. Smith has called Northfield home for the past 20 years.  She is a versatile singer, instrumentalist, songwriter and band leader, who designs sound and has composed for both theater and film. She performs as a solo artist, with her band The Zillionaires, and with her husband, Dave Drentlaw, as 1/2 a Zillion. Listen to find out so much more!

Episode 18: Mike Hildebrandt
Listen Now

Mike Hildebrandt

This week's Musician Talk guest is the Minnesota Country and Rock Hall of Fame fiddler Mike Hildebrandt. He can play anything on that fiddle of his – from gypsy jazz to top 40 with the group Relativity to bluegrass with Long Time Gone Bluegrass Band to a plethora of genres with local favorite Over & Back Band. If you’ve ever heard him play Orange Blossom Special, you’ll never forget it. Actually, all of his fiddle specials are so very memorable - recorded or live. Hildebrandt is a retired MD living in Faribault with his lovely wife Paula. He and host Pauline Shuster Jennings cover a lot of ground in this terrific conversation. Take a listen to find out more.

Episode 17: Marty Hodel
Listen Now

Marty Hodel

Marty Hodel holds a doctorate (along with a host of other degrees) in trumpet performance and has applied his education and talent as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral player in the U.S. and around the world. Hodel has performed on A Prairie Home Companion, MPR, public television, played with The WHO and shared the stage with many heavy hitters in the jazz world including Joe Henderson. When not on stage, he’s a music professor at St. Olaf College. He’s certainly another musician that Northfield is lucky to have around…. Listen to find out much more.

Episode 16: Ray Coudret
Listen Now

Ray Coudret

This week's guest on MUSICIAN TALK is Ray Coudret. Coudret comes from, as he puts it “way up nort,” but has called Northfield home for over 20 years. When not teaching the next generation of mathematicians or producing highly acclaimed high school musical productions, he is a prolific songwriter and has performed with a variety of bands over the decades, including Area 51 and Why Not? Coudret is the co-creator and producer of the long-running 411 Concert Series in Northfield, which brings professional acts to the city through the Northfield Arts Guild. Listen to find out more!

Episode 15: Jon Bjork
Listen Now

Jon Bjork

This week's guest on Musician Talk is Jon Bjork. Bjork settled in Northfield in 1960 at the age of 5 and has been here since. He has been playing guitar and singing since 11 and has been in a myriad of bands covering a myriad of genres since then. In 2005, he picked up the accordion and hasn’t looked back. He currently plays that accordion and guitar and sings in a Nordic Folk group called Cloudberry Jam – You may have seen them playing in and around Northfield. Listen to hear more!

Episode 14: The Border Hookups
Listen Now

The Border Hookups

This week's guests on MUSICIAN TALK are Dave and Jaqueline Hudson. They are the husband and wife acoustic duo called The Border Hookups. With their mix of crafted harmonies and a unique take on cover songs, as well as a mix of catch originals, the Hookups have entertained crowds across Minnesota and beyond. The depth of their songbook ensures that no two shows are ever the same. Dave, a Northfield native has played on stages across North America and throughout the Caribbean. Jacqueline, a relative newcomer to the music scene, brings to the stage her unique musical style based on her Canadian roots. Listen to find out more including their RV life on the road.

Episode 13: Luke Smith
Listen Now

Luke Smith

This week’s MUSICIAN TALK is sponsored by Reunion, a hip place to eat, drink and gather in historic downtown Northfield.

MUSICIAN TALK’s most recent guest is Luke Smith, a singer/songwriter and producer from Faribault. He writes pop and folk on his guitar and EDM and hip-hop on his computer. In 2017 he was nominated for “Best Solo Performer” by Southern Minn Scene. Luke shares his thoughts on songwriting and the music industry in his blog, Alternative Student. He is also the host of a monthly Songwriter Showcase at The Contented Cow Pub in Northfield.

Episode 12: Christina Schwietz Listen Now

Christina Schwietz

Singer, actress, model, and mother of two, Christina Schwietz is a local icon, most notably for her involvement in Northfield Arts Guild theater productions and for co-founding the Minnesota band Sweet Jazz with Peter Webb. The sweet spot for Sweet Jazz is the exploration of jazz vocal standards and originals. Christina’s voice hits the mark every time, and her tone is rich and ethereal at the same time. Host Pauline Jennings first met Christina when they did a show together (written by Ann Gregory Bjorklund) for the Fringe Festival in Minneapolis many years ago. She recalls feeling an immediate kinship and fell in love with Christina’s openness, generosity, talent and all-around beauty. Listen to find out more and to hear her sing a couple tunes.

Episode 11: Todd Thompson Listen Now

Todd Thompson

This week, the Musician Talk guest is Todd Thompson.  Todd get’s a lot done!  He’s Director of POEGTA, a non-profit organization promoting peace through music and education, works at Graphic Mailbox, is a freelance musician with the Todd Thompson Band, and Founder of Songs of My Life, a project promoting community building through songs and shared experience.  He’s also very educated with a BA in math, PhD in chemistry and a Masters in music.  I hope I can keep up with him.  Today’s conversation focuses on Todd’s new song called George – a song about George Floyd’s murder, equality, justice and hope.   Listen to find out more!  You may also watch the video that accompanies the song George on

Episode 10: Meredith Fierke Listen Now

Meredith Fierke

This week’s Musician Talk guest is Meredith Fierke who comes to songwriting by instinct it seems… she wrote her first song in grade school. Speaking her mind about important issues through her work, her voice and her guitar also seems to come naturally – that first song was about gas guzzling! Meredith grew up in Northfield.  She has collaborated with Steve McKinstry, another Northfield treasure, since 2009, creating and recording out-of-the-box compositions. She had the rare honor of having her original composition, Train’s Song, chosen for the 2009 Cities 97 Sampler.  About her album, The Procession, City Pages said: It hits hard and often with razor-sharp insights and abstract takes on autobiographical subjects, all steeped in a steamy voice. In the interview she discusses her artistic process and how music matters in her life.

Episode 9: Terry Vandewalker Listen Now

Terry Vandewalker

This week on Musician Talk is the drummer for The Big Wu, Terry Vandewalker.  Vandewalker grew up in St. Paul, and went to college at St. Olaf. The Big Wu, a progressive northern rock jam band, was founded in 1992 by St. Olaf students including Vandewalker. The Big Wu played in Northfield until 1995 when they started to play in Minneapolis. In 1996, they got the house band gig at the Cabooze where they continued to develop and strengthen their fan base.  Since then they’ve played all over the U.S. and overseas.  Vandewalker moved back to Northfield to raise his kids in 2005.

Episode 8: Dan Kallman Listen Now

Daniel Kallman

Episode 7: Steve Jennings Listen Now

Steve Jennings

Episode 6: Kat Middeldorp Listen Now

Kat Middeldorp

Episode 5: Curt Johnson, Part 2 Listen Now

Episode 4: Curt Johnson, Part 1 Listen Now

Curt Johnson

Episode 3: Jon Manners Listen Now

Jon Manners

Jon Manners is the dean of the Southern Minnesota music scene, with a sound that is unmistakable. Combining the bounce of funk, the passion of soul, the thoughtfulness of jazz, the storytelling of folk and the joy of rock ‘n’ roll, Manners is the very model of a great folk troubadour.

Episode 2: Sam Ryden Listen Now

Sam Ryden

Sam Ryden's music is distinctively unbound by traditional stylistic category and gives glimpses of the possibilities for this young singer/songwriter. His performances feature hook-filled tunes uniquely pressing together folk, acoustic blues, pop and gospel.

Episode 1: Craig Wasner Listen Now

Craig Wasner

At heart, Craig Wasner is a musician. He plays keyboards and guitar with equal skill, sings, composes, arranges and records music. He studied music at the University of Minnesota/Duluth and at Berklee College of Music in Boston, touted as the premier institution for the study of contemporary music. He has performed with national recording artists such as John Hiatt (Capitol Records) and Hal Ketchum (Curb Records), and Grammy award winners Deana Carter (Arista), Shelby Lynne (Capitol), and Larry Carlton (Warner Brothers). Craig's musical talent is a gift he has shared freely. Through his 15 annual Craig Wasner & Friends Benefit for World Vision concerts, he has raised over $500,000 from ticket sales and donation commitments to World Vision. As band leader for the Over & Back benefit shows, these sold-out performances produced significant cash donations for 55 Northfield-area charities. Craig also loves working with aspiring young musicians, and serves as the music coordinator for the Northfield High School's Rock 'n' Roll Revival concerts. Craig lives on a small farm near Northfield with his wife, Linda. He has three children: Lahna, 32; Maren, 31; and Casey, 30. He also has two grandchildren: Nyah and Kysen, both are 20 months old.

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