At Northfield Dance Academy we truly appreciate our wonderful Northfield community and understand the value of the arts and how it positively effects our culture. Dance is truly special way to express yourself with the body. Our bodies are stressed and tired and need relief right now. Cardio, strength training and stretching are all necessary to stay healthy, but dance also allows a person to express how we are feeling by the means of choreography that sends us to new places.
The Mother of Modern Dance, Martha Graham said, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul," and that "The body says what words cannot." Everyone of all ages and abilities need to express themselves in a healthy way more than ever now. Dancers choose to do this with their bodies as their instrument, and anyone can become a dancer.

Dance teaches us how to fall and to recover, how to catch someone when they fall and how to be there for your peers – to surround them with love and compassion and to listen deeply to the needs of yourself and others.

"Love has No Limits" is our 2019-2020 theme and we are continuing to carry that message forward though the art of dance.

All of our classes are online now and we have new classes that anyone can join! Kids classes during the week (Mon-Thurs), Ballroom classes on Friday evenings and Adult classes on Saturday morning and afternoon are open to anyone. You just have to register at If you can make a donation, please do so, but we understand if you can't.

Northfield, we are here for you and want to be on the other side of this with you. We love and miss you all, but we are fortunate enough to have the capacity to continue to offer dance to our community online until we get past this. Once we do get past this, we are going to have the biggest dance party you have ever seen! Stay Strong Northfield. #NDAkeepdancing

Daphne McCoy
Northfield Dance Academy