Playing It Up

By Tim Freeland

Realtor with Edina Realty and announcer for Defeat of Jesse James Days’ raid reenactments

I grew up taking piano lessons from Bob Swanson here in Northfield. While most find it to be an antiquated instrument, I’ve recently invested in a digital audio workshop (DAW for short) and a new full-size keyboard that interfaces with the computer through the DAW. It allows me to play, record, and edit a full orchestra with modern music production tools.

I got started by watching The Recording Revolution on YouTube, then got a complete studio set-up. I know the piano so now, on the DAW, I also know the violin, cello, bass, etc. I’ve been exploring writing music using a wide variety of digital instruments by just playing on my keyboard. It’s a great new hobby with so much to learn.

Recently, I purchased the electric guitar pack that allows me to shred without knowing how to play the guitar (just piano). These plug-in packs are what make it possible to play and include endless instruments. Music production is a whole new world. The golden age of the home musician has arrived.

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