Premier Bankers in Times of Pandemic

First and foremost Premier Banks would like to express our sympathies to the individuals and families in our community that have experienced hardship and loss. Secondly, we would like to extend our gratitude to the healthcare professionals and service workers on the front lines who are keeping the rest of us safe.

Like most others, the bulk of Premier Bankers are working from home, others are alternating shifts at the office at a distance. Our lobbies have been closed. But we continue to work hard to support clients on the phone and through our large suite of online products and services.

As a community bank, we have tried to reach out from within. We have given a significant gift to some of the most vulnerable community members, the homeless. We have worked with parishes and schools, attended many virtual fundraisers for local non-profits, provided meals and beefed up food shelves.

The bulk of Premier Banks’ energies have centered around providing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans as a much needed lifeline for small businesses. Premier Banks’ leadership and staff have been pulled from all areas of the bank and rallied around this effort to keep our local businesses on track.

We are grateful for this opportunity, as well as to be part of a community that works together in good times and in bad.