12 Movies to Stream

By Rob Schanilec

The Big Chill (1983):

I graduated HS in 1981. This became our post-HS theme movie – we saw some of ourselves in some of the characters – and I loved the music and dancing in the kitchen. Favorite line: “Now it’s an even fight.” And then there’s the soundtrack…

Boys in the Band (2020):

Just saw this one – struck by the strength of friendship, the overwhelming emotions that can explode from just below the surface, and the friendship again that comes out of the ashes – time and again.

Yesterday (2019):

If you can only stand to watch one of my movies – make it this one. A simple, innocent love story in the midst of a most fantastical happenstance – being the only one privy to the music of the Beatles – because they never existed – and having the talent to bring them across. The soundtrack alone…

Blast from the Past (1999):

OK – not everyone’s going to add this to their list – but I found it memorably entertaining. That’s all I can say…

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995):

Hardly Oscar material – but a cute story in a cute community with a wee bit of love and pride in it.

Sideways (2004):

Trust me – this one is a watcher. Bottle of red recommended.

Bottle Shock (2008):

Another trust me – and another bottle of wine recommended. Good line: “Wine is sunlight held together by water.”

Midnight in Paris (2011):

Another fantastical circumstantial what-if-you-could…sort of movie...OK – go back in time in Paris and hob nob with literary greats. Very clever.

Pacific Heights (1990):

Suspense/Thriller – and you’ll reconsider being a landlord after this.

JAWS (1975):

See it...before you go swimming. Contains my most memorable moment of horror – when they explore the capsized boat.

Lonesome Dove – the miniseries (1989):

OK – not a movie – and a lot more of a commitment – but it’s epic. Make sure it’s got Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall or you’ve got another movie by the same title, and I can’t guarantee anything then.

Hair (1979):

I’m not a musical lover – but when they work – they work. The dance. The music. The time. The story.

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