Must Binge Shows

By Ronica Roberson

The Mandalorian (obviously):

I may be the last person on the planet to watch this Disney+ series, but I just binged both seasons. Like most people I was a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, thought George Lucas ruined them with his 1997 updates, and absolutely hated the next trilogy. The latest films from JJ Abrams are fine, but not great. The Mandalorian completely redeems this aging franchise. This show elevates Star Wars to a new level. It’s what Star Wars fans didn’t even know they’ve been longing for since 1977. And the final scene? OMG.

Altered Carbon:

This futuristic, sci-fi, Netflix series is a dark, dystopian fantasy with a great story line, fantastic cinematography and stellar cast. Be prepared to fall in love with the characters/ actors, and them jump into new bodies/actors. You won’t want to stop once you start.


This Amazon Prime show is as dark and dystopian as they come (with odd moments of levity). It really resonated with the 2020 vibe.

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