Spider Monkey Bake Shoppe

with Jaime Zuis, Owner

What’s your favorite Spider Monkey Bake Shoppe item?

Probably my Cinnamon Rolls. They are what got me started and I enjoy the process of making them. It can be a great stress reliever, and I love working with the dough. Although I have been having fun coming up with cookies and learning to do decorated sugar cookies.

What do you bake that a lot of people don’t know about?

Since I am still getting my name out there, I think people don’t know about a lot of what I bake. I guess I would say some of the bread and scones I like to make occasionally, but I have not put those on my menu yet. People also don’t know that I make really good salsa. I do have that on my menu, but since it’s not a baked good most people don’t know.

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

Seeing the joy and excitement when people taste my treats. A very close second is the process of learning and making new things.

Tell us a fun story involving Spider Monkey’s Bake Shoppe.

I got my name from my grandpa. When he saw me for the first time as a newborn baby he said, “That’s my Spider Monkey,” and the name stuck. He called me that his whole life. So I decided to name my business after that, and it’s a great, fun name.

Other than your shop, what’s your favorite Farmington treasure?

I really like Chill Ice Cream. They have been a fun family treat. And the ice cream is amazing!


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