Collecting Classics

By Suzzanne Fox

Executive Director, Ruth’s House, Faribault

I love classic Americana, from music to muscle cars to vintage collectibles. If it’s old school, it’s still cool.

I grew up listening to my parents’ music. As a teen, I wore out my father’s cassette tapes of the Beach Boys and Creedence Clearwater Revival on my Walkman. I’m sure my fellow Gen X’ers can relate; my high school class voted Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird for our song almost 20 years after it peaked in popularity. My parents got a kick out of that! Janis Joplin, the Eagles and Tom Petty are still regulars, but I mostly listen to them on vinyl nowadays.

Vintage shopping and collecting is a favorite as well. All of my adult life, I’ve hunted for treasures from furniture to ceramic Christmas trees to enjoy in my home or to sell in vintage shops or online. I don’t have time to do resale now, but it’s something I look forward to doing again someday. I love to learn about and share the history of items, including who made them and how they were used. It often brings me a feeling of connection to the past user. I strive to buy quality, gently used items over purchasing new ones whenever possible.

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