Enjoy world famous art
...from your couch!

Many art galleries around the world are offering virtual tours of some of their exhibits so that visitors can still enjoy the wonders of art during this global pandemic. (For more local art, check out the Northfield Arts Guild's virtual art offerings.) Below is a selection of museums offering virtual tours:


Vatican Museum

Van Gogh Museum

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Salvador Dali Museum

National Women's History Museum

National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

Musée d'Orsay (Paris)

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

The Louvre, Paris

Getty Center, art museum in Los Angeles

The British Museum in London

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) in Seoul. (Photo credit JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)


Visit artsandculture.google.com for a complete list of virtual museum tours.