Pauline Jennings

Kosmo Esplan

Introducing a new podcast: Curtain Call with Kosmo and Pauline, a theater podcast meant to share the joy of all things theater-related with those who are not yet necessarily immersed in the theater world, as well as those who are longtime veterans of theater.  Pauline and Kosmo cover everything, including theater news and also interview well-known local thespians.

Curtain Call airs on the first Friday of the month at 10am on KYMN 95.1 The One Radio. The show will be archived here on The Entertainment Guide website after its original air date.


Episode 4: Steve Lawler Listen Now

Steve LawlerSteve Lawler

The Valentine episode of Curtain Call with Kosmo and Pauline features the multi-talented Dr. Steve Lawler. If you have been to a show in and around Northfield, you've likely seen him on stage as he's acting in more than 40 shows. This interview features many laughs and smiles - and he knocks the accent game out of the park!

An extended cut of this interview, with video is also available! See below...

Episode 3: Birch Carlson Listen Now

Birch Carlson

The guest this episode of Curtain Call with Kosmo and Pauline is the engaging Birch Carlson. Listen to hear Birch nail the dialect game, tell us some of her theatrical and musical journey, belt out an opera note and so much more. This interview features many laughs and smiles!!

An extended cut of this interview, with video is also available! See below...

Episode 3: Marc Robinson Listen Now

Marc Robinson

This month’s guest on Curtain Call is . . . Marc Robinson! Enjoy our lively conversation with Marc as we sit down to talk and play some theater games. Marc Robinson is a professor of Russian at St. Olaf College who specializes in contemporary Russian theater. He has directed a number of shows at the Guild over the years including Death of a Salesman, Dracula, The Importance of Being Earnest, his own play, The Singer Sisters, and Cabaret. Marc’s interest in Russian physical theater inspires him to look at new approaches to classic theater.

Listen above or watch the extended cut below!


Episode 2: Sam Temple Listen Now

Sam Temple

This month’s guest on Curtain Call is . . . Samuel Temple! Enjoy our wonderful conversation with Sam as we sit down to talk theater and play some fun and funny games! Sam is the station manager at Northfield Public Broadcasting, and he’s been involved in an enormous amount of theater shows since 2011. You might’ve seen him in the Northfield Arts Guild productions of A Christmas Carol, Mansfield Park, or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night . . . OR on his historically-based docuseries 1855.

Listen above or watch below!


Episode 1: Rachel Haider Listen Now

Rachel Haider

Our first guest is the wonderful director, producer, teacher and actress Rachel Haider. She is a Northfield theater icon. Laugh along with us as we have a blast talking about theater and play some LOL games.

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