The Entertainment Guide

Chess on Ice

What is curling? Curling is an Olympic sport that originated in Scotland. A team of four players takes turns sliding 42-pound granite stones to

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This is Northfield

Northfield offers a variety of outdoor activities for all ages and is bursting with vibrant culture, esteemed academics, celebrated arts, progressive technology and a

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What is is a co-working office and a co-working kitchen. We offer a full commercial kitchen, approved by the MN Department of

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Equinox Bath Bombs

What are Equinox Bath Bombs? Equinox Bath Bombs are my brand of handmade, natural ingredient bath bombs. They are made from baking soda and

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Mullbrek Designs

What’s a favorite item that you sell? The clothing label we own, LV Collection. What do you carry that surprises your shoppers? We have

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Tilion Brewing

What is your favorite drink at Tilion? We both are drinking a lot of Cycology, our Red IPA, these days. It is the perfect

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Farmhouse Market

What’s your favorite item at Farmhouse Market? Whole Grain Milling popping corn with melted Hope butter on it. They go together and are both

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Cedar & Sage

What’s your favorite item at Cedar & Sage? I love everything, but my favorites are probably the clothing and soy candles (I LOVE candles!)

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Marquardt Jewelers

What’s a favorite item at Marquardt Jewelers? Every and all engagement rings. Being part of such an important part of a couple’s life is

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Mani & Pedi Fun

What is Frenchies’ most popular service? Our most popular service is the Signature Pedicure, which kicks off with a softening and cleansing foot soak.

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Chart House

What is Chart House? The Chart House is a restaurant and event center that’s been around since 1968 on the shores of Lake Kingsley.

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