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Northfield, A Temperance Town?

Northfield, a temperance town? Well, sort of… “No intoxicating drinks shall be sold or in any manner furnished as a beverage on said premises.”


Laura By Vera Caspary

Review by Jamie Stanley Many people are familiar with the movie Laura directed by Otto Preminger (1944), but they are less familiar with the novel written


A Burning by Megha Majumdar

Review by David Wolff Set in modern day India, Megha Majumdar’s debut novel A Burning kicks off with Jivan, a young Muslim woman, offhandedly critiquing the


Past Marches

For 20 years the Lockwood Opera House on Division Street had been the primary place where early Northfielders gathered for entertainment. But by 1892


Home, Garden & Consumer Show

Save the Date: Saturday, April 23 • 9am-3pm  The Home, Garden & Consumer Show has been called many names over the years, yet its


Zumbrota…the One & Only

Have you heard of the little town of Zumbrota, located in Southeast Minnesota? If you have, it may be because it is the home


Lakeville Area Arts Center

Lakeville Area Arts Center resides in the former All Saints Catholic Church, which was built in 1932. When the church moved to a larger


A Delightful And Sustainable Landscape

By Amy Voight, A Team Landscaping, Inc Here are some elements to consider when creating sustainable outdoor solutions: Shelter: Trees are a main supplier of shelter –


Spider Monkey Bake Shoppe

What’s your favorite Spider Monkey Bake Shoppe item? Probably my Cinnamon Rolls. They are what got me started and I enjoy the process of


The Early Bicycling Craze

Originally Published in the May 2014 Entertainment Guide “Do you remember your first bike?” This is the question KYMN radio’s Wayne Eddy likes to


Local Treasures in the City of Faribault

Faribault sits at the confluence of the Cannon and Straight Rivers and boasts international businesses beside long-run mom-and-pop shops, a lovely historic downtown, a

Introducing Local Treasures

One of my favorite parts about my job with The Entertainment Guide is the opportunity to travel and get to know our readership area, which spans


Keepsake Cidery

Keepsake Cidery is a family farm cidery producing high-quality hard cider, using traditional methods, from 100% local apples. Located a few miles off Highway


Living in a Smart Home

By Chad Aldrich A smart home is one that provides its home owners comfort, security, energy efficiency and convenience at all times regardless of


Welcome to Lakeville

Lakeville is a great place to live, work and play! We are a thriving community with a population now estimated more than 65,000. There


Some Good News Northfield

Some Good News Norhfield is a production of wunderkind Kosmo Esplan, who took the idea from John Krasinski’s new web series Some Good News.


The Sensational Gary Rue

Gary Rue was in his 9th grade algebra class in Tracy, Minnesota, in September of 1964 and the fellow sitting behind him was beating


Chart House

What is Chart House? The Chart House is a restaurant and event center that’s been around since 1968 on the shores of Lake Kingsley.