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Tilion Brewing

What is your favorite drink at Tilion? We both are drinking a lot of Cycology, our Red IPA, these days. It is the perfect


The Wild Winter Swan by Gregory Maguire

Review by Sylvie Weissman Gregory Maguire’s The Wild Winter Swan is a miraculous little book. It’s Manhattan in the 1960s, and teenaged Laura Ciardi – mostly


A’BriTin Catering

What is A’BriTin’s most popular dish? Mac and Cheese. What do you offer that is a surprise to clients? Hitch and Sip Trailer, a


From the Heart Gifts

What is From the Heart Gifts? It is a once-a-month pop-up shop. We have more than 30 vendors, which gives us a large variety


Welcome to Lakeville

Lakeville is a great place to live, work and play! We are a thriving community with a population now estimated more than 65,000. There


Mani & Pedi Fun

What is Frenchies’ most popular service? Our most popular service is the Signature Pedicure, which kicks off with a softening and cleansing foot soak.


Who Was Laura Baker?

Northfield could hardly have been more welcoming. It was front page news when the Northfield News announced on June 18, 1898, that “Miss Baker’s boarding


Find your fun in Farmington

The City of Farmington is a growing community with nearly 24,000 residents. The city has many great restaurants, shops and more. If you are


A Very Interesting Real Estate Market

By Bob Cross, Realtor Today’s real estate market is very interesting. It’s being affected by high unemployment due to COVID-19, political unrest, historically low


Mullbrek Designs

What’s a favorite item that you sell? The clothing label we own, LV Collection. What do you carry that surprises your shoppers? We have


City of Thieves by David Benioff

Review by Emily Lloyd It’s winter in St. Petersburg during the siege of Leningrad, and 17-year-old Lev has never been so tired, hungry or


The Border Hookups New Album

When The Border Hookups began thinking about recording a new project, their first task was to decide where to record. This was actually a


Buying Your First Home

By Mary Jo Winter, Realtor Buying your first home can be the biggest and most important purchase of your life, but it doesn’t have


Home Network File Sharing

By Chad Aldrich, Aldrich Technology Consulting More and more of us have data to share with other family members or even outside of the


7 Tips for Selling Your Home

By Tim Freeland, Realtor So you’re about to take the plunge into the real estate market, specifically the local sellers’ market. Home preparation is


Jesse James – Movie Star

Let’s get this out of the way from the start. You can’t pay me enough to watch the 40 or more mostly mediocre (and


So…How Old is Old?

Some experts say that in order for an item to be classified as vintage, it must be an item of quality at least 20


Unforgettable Sid Freeman

“No matter where you go in the United States, it has been said, you will find someone who knows that Jesse James raided a

Introducing Local Treasures

One of my favorite parts about my job with The Entertainment Guide is the opportunity to travel and get to know our readership area, which spans


Laura By Vera Caspary

Review by Jamie Stanley Many people are familiar with the movie Laura directed by Otto Preminger (1944), but they are less familiar with the novel written


Wishes By Muon Thi Van

Review by Alexa Ochocki Illustrated by Victo Ngai In this story we follow a young girl and her family as they flee their homeland,


Granny Basketball Recalls Bygone Era

The Wanamingo Bulldogs and the Faribault Hot Shots have just completed a basketball scrimmage at the Faribault Community Center one cold Monday night in


Artist of the Month: Timothy Howe

Nothing compares to earning money doing what you love, and musician Timothy Howe is truly living the dream. The timeline for breaking into the