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Homeopathy Personalized, Natural Medicine

Homeopathy, the second most widely-used system of medicine worldwide, offers what we have lost in today’s modern field of medicine: a personalized and natural approach to restoring health. Homeopathy gives importance to understanding and treating the whole person that is behind the disease. This leads us to find a matching homeopathic medicine. Homeo in Latin means similar, and pathos means suffering. So homeopaths find a matching remedy to the signs and symptoms of the person’s diseased state. Homeopathic remedies are FDA regulated.

Don, in his late 70s, was recently diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. He was in and out of the emergency room and hospital because of the seriousness of his symptoms. He had lost hope. When I went to see Don at his home he was unable to eat due to the weakness of his throat muscles, and he was hooked up to a feeding tube. He was so weak that he could barely move from his bed to the recliner. I took the case, asking him and his family questions about the challenges and symptoms that he had been experiencing, along with questions meant to reveal who he is as a person – what sort of things he is interested in, what makes him angry or sad and a lot more. This questioning revealed, among other things, that he had a tendency to produce so much phlegm at night that it would gag him in his sleep. After reviewing all the characteristics of Don’s case, I decided to give the remedy Ferrum phos LM 1 because that matched his symptoms the best. When I returned to Don’s home one week later, he was sitting on the same recliner as before, but he was looking fresh with a smile on his face. All the machines that he was hooked up to were gone. He said, “I am feeling better!” Don continued to make impressive recovery in the next few years.

Danielle, a mom in her mid-30s, with three young kids and a very busy family life with gardens and an apple orchard to manage, came to me after she was told at Mayo Clinic she has multiple sclerosis. Doctors told her that it was possible that she would be in a wheel chair in four or five years. She came in the first week after her diagnosis, and I began taking in her case details, asking her questions about the symptoms. She talked candidly about symptoms of dizziness, imbalance, fear of falling, heavy and dragging left foot, along with the stresses in her life and many other things that helped me get a peek into who she is as a person. I started her on Ars. album LM 1. I still see her a few times a year and Danielle has shown no signs of slowing down her active life style. Note: arsenicum album as a potentized homeopathic remedy is non-toxic and has been used in homeopathy since the late 1800s.

Homeopathy, though little known in the U.S., has been the popular choice of medicine in many parts of the world due to the fact that it is gentle, safe and cost-effective.

Sujata Owens, Homeopathic Master Clinician at Vital Force Consulting, can be reached at 507.581.1114, or

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