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One of my favorite parts about my job with The Entertainment Guide is the opportunity to travel and get to know our readership area, which spans from New Prague to Zumbrota, Lakeville to Faribault. I also have the chance to get to know the businesses in the region. While I’m not traveling as much as I’d like because of COVID-19, I am still getting to know these communities and what they have to offer. My travel was the inspiration for a new-feature series we’re calling Local Treasures.

This new series shares information about local communities, both large and small, to inspire you to get to know them in your own way. Perhaps you’ll find a new company to work for, a new restaurant to try, a venue to take in a show, a gallery in which to wander, a park to commune with nature, or a shop to find fun and unique wares. Perhaps you’ll make new friends. You will definitely have new adventures.

In these new experiences, you will also learn about your neighbors, their cultures, heritage and find that we have much more in common with one another than differences.

I hope you will follow this series as it progresses through this year and be inspired to explore these unique, local, neighboring communities that offer our region so much.

This inaugural Local Treasures feature highlights the City of Faribault.