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Keeping Healthy Through Winter with Homeopathy


Do you or your kids get sick easily every winter? Do you find the illnesses linger too long? Are you looking for ways to boost your immune system and fight off bugs more readily? Homeopathy offers gentle, safe and effective help for children and adults.

When you have a cold, cough, sore throat, ear infection or flu, you can rely on the natural solutions homeopathy offers. As the name “homeopathy” suggests, a practitioner looks for a remedy description that is similar to the set of symptoms. Sometimes results can be seen in a few hours once the matching remedy is administered. Each person expresses symptoms of disease with a set of symptoms that are characteristic to that person. So a homeopath will give more importance to a person’s unique symptoms than “standard” symptoms of an illness when choosing the matching remedy.

Consider Dan, a 40-year-old man, with symptoms of coughing that had gone on for months. He had been to his doctor who prescribed antibiotics and cough suppressants, but nothing seemed to give relief. He said his chest felt tight, but he could not cough anything out. He felt exhausted. He was afraid to drink water as it would worsen his cough. He felt worse if the room was too stuffy and hot, but he did not want the fan on. He liked to be outside in fresh air. His tongue was coated white. These characteristic symptoms suggested the homeopathic remedy, Antimonium tartaricum. Within 24 hours, Dan noticed his chest fullness and cough lessening, and he started sleeping better. Within a week, he was his normal self.

Consider Collette, a 15-month-old who had many colds until her mom brought her to me. She was alert, chubby and normally in a good mood, except when she had a cold. She had greenish, ropy nasal discharge. She loved to be wrapped up in a warm blanket. Mom had to hold her upright in the night, indicative of post-nasal discharge. These symptoms suggested the remedy Kali bichromicum. The results were spectacular. Mom was instructed to give Collette a dose of this remedy if she had cold symptoms again. Each time, within a couple days, Collette would improve.

Lori, a teenager who described the pain of her sore throat as broken glass shards, had a hard time swallowing anything. She was so chilly that even the movement of blankets shifting in the bed sent chills up her spine. Based on these symptoms, Hepar sulphuricum was prescribed. In just a few days Lori was back at school functioning normally.

These safe and gentle treatments offered effective relief of symptoms for all of these patients. Imagine what homeopathy could do for you. If you are tired of suffering from the symptoms of your illness or you just want to help prepare your immune system for cold and flu season, consult a homeopath and see what he or she recommends to keep you healthy this winter.

Sujata Owens, Homeopathic Master Clinician at Vital Force Consulting, can be reached at 507.581.1114, or

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