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frenchies-nailsWhat is Frenchies’ most popular service?

Our most popular service is the Signature Pedicure, which kicks off with a softening and cleansing foot soak. Next is nail shaping, cuticle detailing, and heel buffing. Then, we exfoliate with an all-natural non-toxic sugar scrub using your scent choice. We finish with a moisturizing mousse and massage.

What great service do you think most people aren’t aware of?

The Detox Pedicure uses black charcoal products to pull toxins from the body. This service is extremely relaxing and beneficial to the health of your feet.

frenchies-nailsWhat’s your favorite part about what you do?

Frenchies provides clean, natural and healthy nail care in a non-toxic and friendly environment for all. My favorite part? The “why” behind it! Frenchies is here to educate guests on healthier and safer nail care products to make people feel beautiful in a healthy way. We make a conscious effort to educate guests on the sanitation practices to ensure their safety.

Tell us a weird or funny story that’s happened within the salon.

Have you ever received a pedicure while wearing skinny jeans? It is a mistake many make. They arrive for their pedicure, begin lifting their pant legs to set their feet in the pedicure tub and can barely lift the pants because they are SO DANG TIGHT! Well, during a bridal party, the bride pulled her pant legs up as hard as she could to ensure she received the sugar scrub on her legs. Upon finishing the pedicure – she could not get her pant leg back down. She began to panic and begged me to cut her jeans! This was quite funny at the time – but may be a “you had to be there” situation.