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By Kate Buckmeier

garageDo you dread opening your garage door and seeing all the stuff that gathered over the winter?   Is your garage in need of a big spring declutter and redesign?   

You aren’t the only one with this project on your mind now that it is spring!  Garages are often the last place given any attention over the winter.  Garage floors become full of dirt and salt and clutter tends to collect when items are left out instead of placed back where they belong, due to our hurry to get out of the cold.

So how can you reset your garage so it is ready for spring and summer?

  1. Give yourself room to spread out  Move the car, lawnmower and any other big items out of the garage to offer yourself the space to sort and clear.  Set up a table or use sawhorses and leftover boards as a makeshift sorting station to avoid straining your body as you work.
  2. Create zones  Designate and label areas of the garage for the items you plan to recycle, donate, trash, keep, or return to someone else.
  3. Sort by category  Garages are often full of sports equipment, gardening supplies, paint, unwanted household items, holiday decor, and unused boxes or bags.  Work on one category at a time- pull out all the items, make decisions, and place them in the zones.
  4. Create homes for your stuff  The items in your KEEP pile are the things you use, need and want in the garage.  Organize those items in boxes or bins that can be labeled and easily accessed by anyone who uses the garage.
  5. Clear out the extras  Wrap up your project by taking out the recycling and trash and placing your donation items in your car.  Don’t forget – paints, motor oil, harsh cleaners, and electronics need to be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.  Check the hours of the facility near you.
  6.  Don’t forget the floor  A clean floor will make the whole space feel refreshed, so take the time to sweep up as you go and then again at the end!

Get your garage in shape now so you feel good each time you open the door!   

Don’t have the time or energy for this project or want a specific plan for your garage? Schedule an appointment today!  Your garage can transform from frustrating and cluttered to clear and organized!

Kate-Declutter-RedesignKate Buckmeier of Kate: Declutter & Redesign can be reached at
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