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TipTree has one primary goal: to innovate the music industry by providing a communication platform in which fans can directly support musicians. Always on the lookout for opportunities to bring value to our users, Tiptree is extremely excited to announce our new partnership with The Entertainment Guide, a magazine dedicated to connecting Southern Minnesotans with local art, music, theater and culture.

The Entertainment Guide: The Ultimate Event Magazine

For the last 17 years, The Entertainment Guide has been collecting happenings events from all over Southern Minnesota in an attempt to create the most comprehensive list of regional events possible. The Entertainment Guide has also recently updated its online platform, where readers can browse through event categories and choose an event to attend based on the day, time, location or artist they wish to see. Readers can search for something new or find out when and where to see favorite local entertainers. This digital platform has allowed more people than ever to access the most up-to-date information about local events. 

The Entertainment Guide’s mission has always been to connect its readers with all wonderful performing arts offered in the area and to support the artists and venues who make up this amazing entertainment scene which so enriches the Southern Minnesota region and culture.

TipTree: Helping Fans Support Musicians One Tip At A Time

TipTree is a mobile app that aims to foster the relationship between musicians and fans. Musicians can utilize TipTree as a marketing app that allows them to keep in touch with their fans, provide updates about performances and collect data about the creations that their fans adore. As a musician performs at a venue, fans can download TipTree and make an account to access incredible features to support musicians. Within the app fans can give musicians tips for their performances, request songs and keep track of the artists and songs that they love.

TipTree was developed by Minnesota musician Jud Hailey. With more than 22 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Hailey has experimented with many marketing techniques as he figured out the best ways he could connect with his fans. When the pandemic hit in 2020, and the world was shut down for quarantine, Hailey took advantage of this downtime to develop the earliest version of TipTree. What began as a way for Hailey to use QR code technology tocapture fan email addresses and phone numbers when they requested songs, soon grew to be much more. After seeing how successful this tool was, Hailey quickly realized that musicians all over Minnesota, the country and the world could benefit from the ability to collect fan information during performances. TipTree is very excited to partner with The Entertainment Guide to help Minnesota musicians expand their reach and connect with more fans. 

Our Partnership: Highlighting Musicians of Minnesota 

Over the next 12 months, TipTree and The Entertainment Guide will be collaborating to highlight popular Minnesota musicians and provide fans with easy access to their events and performances. Combining our two missions, to support small musicians and promote local entertainment events and venues, we will be taking our goals to new heights as we introduce TipTree’s new editorial feature – Artist of The Month. 

Within this feature, local musicians from the Minnesota area will have the opportunity to share their stories with readers. Every artist has a unique origin story and, through this feature, we aim to provide musicians with the platform to be authentic as they share with their audience the journey that has brought their career to where it is today. This feature is special, as it allows musicians to share a level of depth with their audience that can otherwise be difficult to communicate without a strong platform like The Entertainment Guide. 

TipTree subscribers will receive special rates for advertising in The Entertainment Guide as well as other perks and benefits. This symbiotic relationship between TipTree and The Entertainment Guide is the start of a partnership that will withstand the test of time as we support Minnesotans through this one-of-a-kind opportunity to market their music locally. If you’re interested in getting involved or want to see local musicians, check out and/or for more information! 

Jud Hailey, founder of TipTree and local musician, can be found at or on TipTree at