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Wishes By Muon Thi Van

Review by Alexa Ochocki

Illustrated by Victo Ngai

In this story we follow a young girl and her family as they flee their homeland, traveling across vast expanses of land and over raging waters in search of somewhere safe. The journey this family takes is long and harsh, yet the text is brief and hopeful. Woven into each sentence, we hear the young girl’s voice wishing for an easier path or a calmer sea. Each leg of the voyage is more difficult than the last, but the young girl keeps hoping, keeps wishing.

Victo Ngai gorgeously illustrated this book with colors that tell a story all on their own. Each illustration helps to enhance and elaborate on the text, creating an immersive reading experience for young and old alike. This story is timely and timeless. Mượn Thị Văn has crafted a picture book that is both impactful and relatable to young children, while honestly showing the struggles of being a refugee.

Review courtesy of Cannon Falls Library Public Library
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