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Review by Myrna Mibus

Filled with short, beautifully written essays about the natural world and accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, World of Wonders is the book you need to read right now! I was awestruck at Aimee’s wonderful way with words and the wonders she reveals throughout this book about the natural world. Aimee’s essays cover creatures from fireflies to flamingos and plants from pretty to putrid. They span in time from her childhood to the present and crisscross the world from Ohio to India. She writes about growing up, marriage, motherhood and how the natural world has grounded her no matter what stage of life she’s in. I learned so much reading this book and found such delight in it that I read parts of it aloud to friends. World of Wonders is like Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights (a Content bookseller favorite from last year) for the natural world. I didn’t want it to end and know I will read it again and again.

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