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Artist of the Month: Adam Daniel


Six years ago Adam Daniel took the leap to become a full-time musician, and now he’s living his dream. From taking piano lessons as a child to earning a performance degree at Augsburg University in 2009, Adam has performed thousands of shows throughout his life, but he won’t hesitate to admit that he still feels nervous before every performance. Nevertheless, his friend once told him that “nerves mean you care,” and that expression empowers Adam to make every show matters and to always appreciate the opportunity to share his passion for a living. Read on to learn more about this talented singer-songwriter and how he utilizes TipTree to connect with fans. 

Growing Up in The Heart of Music 

Music has always been an integral part of Adam’s life – even forming some of his earliest childhood memories. Growing up with three older sisters who played piano and various instruments around the house, Adam began his musical journey when he started learning the piano at the age of four and never stopped. He has yet to follow his secret desire to master the beautiful yet complex violin, so today he performs with vocals, piano, harmonica and, sometimes, a guitar. Raised around lots of love and a lot of noise, it is no wonder his passion for music has flourished into a successful career. 

Memories As a Musician Last a Lifetime 

Adam cherishes the memory of his experience playing music for our troops in the Middle East on the Fourth of July in 2013. The military base was protective and careful not to expose the location for safety purposes, so “we played our hearts out under a tent, projecting images of fireworks on the ceiling while we played an encore,” Adam recalls. He will never forget his opportunity to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day with heroes so far from home by doing what he loves. 

Life In Between Adam’s Shows 

adam-danielAdam is a family man and adores his time off with his wife Brooke and their beloved dog Drama, watching their 14 nieces and nephews play and grow. Adam and his family love to recharge by spending time outdoors. He admits to being a kid at heart and massive Disney fan and even convinced his wife to take their honeymoon to Disney World! 

Adam’s Perspective on Success in The Industry 

Adam’s favorite aspect of being a musician is the challenge to adapt to the changes in the industry. He works diligently to prepare new music for his performances and enjoys the mountain of work it takes to prepare for all the special opportunities that allow him to make a living sharing his passion. 

Adam feels successful as a professional artist by the way he can be true to himself through his music and allow his authentic sound to resonate with his audience. Although his achievements are the result of hard work and never giving up, the financial success of being able to support his family while doing what he loves is something Adam will always be grateful for. 

Success is defined by unique metrics for every musician and is achieved by a variety of methods. Although mainstream media options such as American Idol can be a wonderful platform for artists to be discovered, Adam understands as well as any musician that there are many different avenues to create success. 


Adam’s Inspiration and Artistic Process 

Finding inspiration through musicians that inspire you is a great strategy to grow, so Adam loves to analyze the artistic approach of Peter Bence’s unique piano style. Appreciating the powerful balance between melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics that Peter utilizes to bring a song to life, Adam studies existing compositions so he can apply the techniques to his own original music. Music allows people to be vulnerable as they express thoughts and feelings, and as one of Adam’s favorite quotes by Hans Christian Andersen depicts, “where words fail, music speaks.” 

Aside from the inspiration drawn from famous artists and real-life experiences, Adam is fueled by the support of his fans. Knowing that he has an audience which is excited to hear him perform music that he is passionate about drives him to offer them something extra at every performance. 

Creating A Relationship with His Fans From The Stage 

Connecting with fans is one of the most valuable aspects of working as a musician, and Adam has learned that partnering with venues that support his desired food, service and ambiance can significantly enhance the audience’s experience during a performance. Prioritizing fan enjoyment during live shows is a proven method to create lasting support, and Adam utilizes many tools as he continues to improve his performance strategy. 

Adam began using the TipTree app and found it to be an effective system that has allowed him to connect and grow his audience. The song request feature on TipTree improves audience engagement during his shows, subsequently causing his social media following to increase. Now it’s easier for him to stay connected and market his future performances. Additionally, the app allows him to earn more tips to support his career doing what he loves. 

Adam Prepares for Exciting Upcoming Events 

Adam has plans to perform all over the Twin Cities this July with a mix of solo, duo and full band performances. Adam averages an impressive 25 performances a month across a range of styles and venues, even having several “Adam Daniel and Friends” residencies with a rotation of musicians joining him regularly. Happy to accept a variety of performance opportunities, Adam also recently joined the MN Gospel Opry for the 2022 season. All the details of his upcoming events can be found on his website, on Facebook and on Instagram. 

Today, earning a living as a professional musician is more attainable than ever, especially with the help of tools like TipTree that allow artists to collect tips and connect with fans. If you’re a musician, dreaming of making a living performing, head to to get more information on how this app can help you on your way to living the dream.



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