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Autumn has arrived, and as the daylight hours dwindle and temperatures begin to drop, we can all feel the changing of the season upon us. This is a time to give thanks for the Summer sun and to pay tribute to the coming darkness. These are the moments to look at our lives and take stock of what is needed to sustain us in the colder months to come, while also honoring all that’s been provided to us this far. We have just journeyed through the Autumn Equinox, experiencing the beauty of balance that it represents, as well as the tipping point in our journey towards Winter.

There are many ways to care for ourselves and others in these times of seasonal change. Diet is a powerful way to support the transition into Autumn. Nourishing foods, high in protein and (good) fats, that are brought to life with warming, stimulating spices and served hot, will go a long way toward maintaining your internal fire and keeping you grounded through the season. This time of year is also a potent period to build resilient immune systems to prepare for the tough Winter. There are some powerful medicines, native to this region, that you should get to know. Elderberry syrup and FireCider (made with local garlic and honey) are especially helpful as we begin to cozy up more and share space/germs.

Developing healthy seasonal routines can also be a very supportive pillar during these transitions. Time begins to be spent differently as the temperatures cool; the pace of life seems to slow down as the Yang energy of Summer fades. It’s important to engage in activities that build, nourish and replenish energy on a regular basis – massage, yoga, reading, qi gong, a warm cup of tea – whatever nurtures you.

Each person will experience the seasonal shift differently, with different allies and ailments to work with. All of us will have to ride the waves of the seasons, so it is best to tend well this relationship we have with the rhythms of the natural world.

Carly Crombie, Shiatsu Therapist of Pure Elements Bodywork, offers acupressure massage to help nourish your body through seasonal changes. She can be reached at 507-381-1965 or

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