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Los Alamos By Joseph Kanon

Review by Jamie Stanley

It is the spring of 1945. You are a civilian from New York hired to investigate the murder of a security detail in a “pop-up” American city that does not officially exist. In this remote city in the high desert a large number of scientists and engineers are working around the clock under the auspices of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering to build and test “the gadget,” code word for a massive implosion-type bomb. The war is over in Europe, the temporary détente between the U.S. and the Soviet Union is fraying and the war against Japan grinds on. The stakes and the determination to see this project to completion could not be higher. Who murdered the security officer Bruner? Why was his corpse miles away from the project site in a quiet park? Was it the result of a tryst gone wrong or does it pose a deeper and darker threat? Who can be trusted in this investigation? An investigation that has become a shell game predicated on paranoia, secrets and a determination to let nothing stand in the way of completing this project. Los Alamos won an Edgar Award in 1998 for the Best First Novel by an American Author. Highly recommended for older teens to adults.

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