Some Good News Northfield
is a production of wunderkind Kosmo Esplan, who took the idea from John Krasinski's new web series Some Good News. Krasinski created his web series to uplift people who are isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. His series was instantly a hit and spawned countless spin-offs around the world. Northfield's own whiz kid, Kosmo Esplan, had the idea to create a YouTube channel to feature good deeds and acts of kindness by local residents. He sent out a call for content and had a tremendous response! He has released his first episode (below) and plans to release future episodes very soon. Subscribe to this pint-size prodigy's YouTube Channel to see all episodes of Some Good News Northfield.

Kosmo Esplan is a homeschooled sixth-grader who has always loved anything to do with theater or film, especially the Star Wars, MCU and Pixar franchises.  Given the current situation, Kosmo brainstormed some ideas on how to help the community. After some trial and error, he created Some Good News Northfield, something that he hopes will lift the spirits of others during this uncertain time. Special thanks to Kosmo's mom, dad and the many others who supported Kosmo in this journey and helped SGNN come to life!

Some Good News Northfield: Episode Fifteen

Some Good News Northfield: Episode Fourteen

Some Good News Northfield: Episode Thirteen

Some Good News Northfield: Episode Twelve

Some Good News Northfield: Episode Eleven

Some Good News Northfield: Mini Episode

Some Good News Northfield: Episode Nine

Some Good News Northfield: Episode Eight

Episode Seven

Episode Six

Episode Five

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Episode Four

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Kosmo also has a blog, Planet Whiz Kid, where he reviews movies, gives Oscar predictions and more. His love of Star Wars is very evident, and he reviews the latest movie in-depth. If you enjoyed this young man's YouTube videos, you might also enjoy!