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Kosmo EsplanA crisis has befallen me. After last month marked the occasion of my 16th birthday, I realize that the term “Kid Kritic” may no longer suit me. My affinity for crossword puzzles and nightly Wheel of Fortune only add to the evidence that I’m beyond my glory years. However, this 1/6-life-crisis may be cured with the bounty of upcoming local entertainment that will keep everyone feeling young.

The Korner’s spotlight this month will focus on the exciting events that Northfield has in store for September. Of course, that starts with the iconic celebration known as Defeat of Jesse James Days. Every fall, attendees gather to commemorate that fateful 1876 day when the James-Younger Gang rode into town and . . . well, you’ll have to attend the bank raid reenactment for yourself to find out what happened! The iconic festival includes an endless array of DJJD Raidersactive activities and venturous ventures that’ll tickle the fancy of most anyone. I personally propose investigating Bridge Square Bingo and trying your luck in the Rescue Squad Duck Race. (That $1,000 first place prize won’t escape my clutches this year.) DJJD is a lively community shindig, thanks to the hard work and dedication put in by many dozens of volunteers.

On a more edible note, The Korner’s inaugural Restaurant-of-the-Month (ROTM) pick has officially been awarded to the downtown Northfield hub Reunion, which has quickly become a hot commodity thanks to a lavish interior, top-notch meals and splendid events. My appetizer, entrée and dessert dishes were a banquet for the eyes, nose and taste buds – the trifecta of human enjoyment. I would particularly advocate patrons to first order the delicious parmesan frites in preparation for their mushroom farfalle to arrive (check your fungi cynicism at the door) and then finish it off with a heavenly slice of chocolate mousse cake. So, the next time your palate is craving first-rate cuisine, drop by Reunion. It’s ROTM-certified! (Did I go a little too Martha Stewart there?)

Turning to the theatrical offerings in Northfield, you heard it here, folks, (and maybe on Facebook): coming soon to a theater near you, the Northfield Arts Guild and company return with a new installment of the fan favorite CASTastrophe franchise. The premise: singers are cast in roles for which they would normally never be chosen, this time to act out – or belt out – songs from the finest musicals in film. What follows is a wildly funny show that’ll have you enjoying the classic tunes until the final curtain. Thanks to the skills of the ensemble and band and the brilliant efforts of my good friend Pauline Jennings (director/creator of the series), CASTastrophe 4: The Movie Musical Edition is guaranteed to be a romping good theatrical time!

The leaves are changing, school is back in, the evil hornets have left us . . . fall is here. Let’s all be in the moment and appreciate the entertainment options that surround us.

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