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Kosmo EsplanI can confirm the hearsay, folks: we are witnessing the last of the falling leaves. Leaves which mark autumn’s closure for now, indicating that it won’t be too long before the first flake of snow makes its widely reviled appearance. Soon the beagle from those comic strips will be floating over New York City (what’s that dog’s name again?), and the holiday we know as Thanksgiving will have arrived. With that in mind, what entertainment, both cinematic and local, do we have to be thankful for this month?

The yearly responsibility of kicking off Turkey Month’s theatrical season will fall upon The Marvels on Nov. 10. The final destination on Marvel Studios’ 2023 film calendar (for now, at least) is also their 33rd movie so far and a sequel to 2019’s billion-dollar hit Captain Marvel. The anticipated sci-fi flick sees a new superhero trio born when Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau (who will inevitably receive an alias with the word “Marvel” in it) suddenly become entangled with each other’s powers and must team up to prevent an intergalactic threat. In other words, the MCU is basically making their own version of The Powerpuff Girls. Throw Samuel L. Jackson in there and you’ve got yourself a crowd-pleasing blockbuster. 

Rejoice, Hunger Games fans! The long wait for a new installment in the popular book-series-turned-film-series is over. And it’s a prequel! Who doesn’t love those? (Besides the Star Wars fans.) Set decades before the original film, The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes follows young Coriolanus Snow’s origin story and his ruthless rise to power during the 10th annual Hunger Games. I willingly confess that I have yet to watch the Hunger Games franchise (don’t boycott me), but I know for a fact that the focus isn’t actually on challenges proving who can go the longest without eating. The actual plot: people are chosen to fight to the death in an arena for the pleasure of spectators…so, it’s slightly different. Even if it’s not actually a theme in the film, the message itself is unwavering: never underestimate the power of hanger! In the latest chapter, Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler take on the lead roles. Hear the ballad yourself on Nov. 17.

If you’re pining for a new animated film from Disney, you need not wait until upon a star, because your wish comes true when Wish releases in theaters on Nov. 22. Young Asha lives in the Kingdom of Rosas, ruled by a tyrannical and, frankly, party pooper king who, though possessing the ability, refuses to grant his constituents’ wishes! Gasp! Asha, who, shockingly, is not a princess, sets out to make things right with her goat friend, Valentino, seeking a star that will provide resolution to the people’s wishes. Hopefully, they’re all good wishes waiting to be fulfilled – otherwise things could turn really bad really quickly. (Save it for the sequel, Disney. Wish 2: Starry Revolution?) The heartwarming family movie is a sort of culmination for Disney, celebrating the studio’s 100th anniversary by tying together their overarching theme of wishes coming true. Featuring splendid songs, eye-popping animation, and an impressive voice cast, Wish is my Must-See Movie of the Month.

Joseph HallShifting the spotlight to local offerings, the Korner is pleased to award the Top Entertainment Recommendation (TER) this month to “Joseph Hall’s Rock ‘N’ Remember Tribute” at Paradise Center for the Arts. The short version: an Elvis Presley impersonator who was a finalist on America’s Got Talent performs the late King’s greatest hits. Are the tickets in your hand yet? I interviewed Joseph on the radio when he came to Faribault for last year’s show, so trust me without suspicious minds, you’re not going to want to miss the epic, emotional, Elvish show he puts on. (“Elvish” means referring to Elvis, right?) But a little less conversation, if you want to see genuine musical talent at its finest, don’t be cruel – you won’t get shook up, so mark your calendar for Nov. 4. 

TurkeyTrot 2023Plus, get your stroll on with the Turkey Trot 5K on the morning of Thanksgiving. Worry not, you aren’t required to actually dress and walk like a turkey (in fact, society forbids it); instead, you walk or run approximately three miles in this annual community-based event presented by the Northfield Rotary Club. Money raised will go towards the Rotary’s youth exchange program and polio eradication.

Lastly, if you can’t make it to Rockefeller this year, check out Rosemount’s Christmas Tree Lighting on Nov. 25; it’ll be sure to light up your holiday spirit.

Christmastime is here. Okay, perhaps that declaration is a bit premature for some of my readers (particularly those with the ever-popular name of Ebenezer), but the coming of Thanksgiving means the holiday season is approaching at a rapid pace. It’s nearly time to celebrate the day which sees us stuff ourselves with hefty amounts of food and enjoy family’s presence. Let’s start by giving great thanks for that.