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We did it! It was no easy task, but the calendar made it through another annual epoch known disdainfully as “winter.” The debut of such a precipitation-ly (definitely a word despite Oxford Dictionary’s protests) wet month as April marks a new age for the people of Minnesota, until the snowflake makes its unsurprising return four months from now. Whether you’re one who endures the oft-dreary spirit of what is confoundingly deemed the most majestically beautiful month of the year or, like an anonymous writer of this Kolumn (except for my name and picture), an individual still trying to see the rationale behind this peculiar stereotype, there’s entertainment on the horizon for you!

Although most of the country has sprung ahead and embraced the new season, Hollywood has not. (Wouldn’t be the first time that town stood out from the rest of the crowd, amiright?!) A rather dismal set of films releasing this month prevent me from handing out the Korner’s invariably lionized Must-See Movie of the Month, or MSMM, nomination (sorry, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare). However, after seeing Dune: Part Two on the big screen last month, I remain faithful to designating Denis Villeneuve’s epic, world-building, star-studded, adjectively astounding sci-fi spectacle as March’s MSMM. And because of that holy label, the blockbuster has made a buttload of cash worldwide. Since March was an impressive movie month, I would be remiss if I didn’t reiterate cinematic options from last month Kung Fu Panda 4, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. If ya didn’t catch ‘em, now’s the time!

Now onto the Korner’s personal (or impersonal, doesn’t matter) selection for the greatest, tastiest, and…hastiest (?) local dining choice this April. With so many delicious eateries available in the communities of Southern Minnesota, it’s difficult to handpick one as the Restaurant of the Month (ROTM – elegantly pronounced “roo-teem”). But nothing’s that tricky when you remember the Ole Store in Northfield! The beloved local treasure earns this trophy-less award thanks to exquisitely prepared dishes, a charmingly sophisticated atmosphere and a simply perpetual popularity and presence that has been an enduring part of Northfield’s history since opening in 1889. No, that’s not a typo. The Ole Store truly has been around for…two-hundr – no, seventy…well, a lot of years! And given that it’s National Brunch Month, the Ole Store has a terrific brunch menu on weekends that will appeal to your taste buds’ interests! (Actually, it would be weird if your taste buds had emotions. I’d see a doctor about that.) From eggsellent Classic Benedict (a completely original pun) to a tremendous cinnamon roll, old Ole’s got your brunch cravings covered. See you there! I’ll be the one in the back with a leaning tower of hashbrowns.

Faribault’s Paradise Center for the Arts, which oddly isn’t literally located in heaven, has some thrilling new events coming up this month, as usual – however, the hot happening on the Korner’s radar this month is B2Wins performing their show “Top 40 from the Last 40.” Two talented violin-playing twin brothers originally from Rio de Janeiro will present a large diversity of popular melodies from, as the title subtly indicates, the past 40 years. Does this mean that songs from both Frank Sinatra and Dua Lipa will be represented in the same concert? Unbelievably, and seemingly unscientifically, yes! That’s gotta be a Guinness World Record of some kind. Utilizing their unique musical style, the B2Wins drop a bomb at Paradise on April 20. (Get it? B-2? Not worth it. Now I’m just wasting word space.)

Perhaps I’ve treated the month of April unfairly. The entertainment obviously speaks for itself, but pondering the loveliness of the month itself makes me reconsider my previous comments. While it does rain a lot, the simple scent of the blooming flowers and visceral beauty of the rejuvenated trees makes the insipidity worth it. Maybe Spring truly is the greatest season…