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Kosmo EsplanBoo! Scared ya, didn’t I? As you clutch your racing heart, I find it only civic duty to inform my audience that it is officially October. Now’s the time to grab that last slice of apple pie we both know won’t last much longer and discover the fall festivities that await you!

Given that All Hallow’s Eve – the fancy way of saying Halloween – is nearly upon us, Kosmo’s Korner has transformed into Kosmo’s Kobweb, and I have been cursed to inform you of exciting local events. (Spells are getting odder and odder these days.) One such example is found at Bridgewater Farm just outside Northfield – there’s fun for the whole family at this neat and dandy farmstead that includes a pumpkin patch filled to the brim with the harvested fruits. (The days of inaccurately labeling them vegetables are over!) The farm’s six-acre corn maze will delight kids corn mazebut terrify those who have a mediocre sense of direction. Once you’ve enjoyed the bounty of activities at Bridgewater, don’t forget that Lakeville will be holding their annual Haunted Forest Festival on the 28th. With RC car racing, food trucks and a magic show among the merrymaking. You’d have to be a (insert anti-Halloween term of your choice) not to have a good time. Step into the titular Haunted Forest if you dare, though you may never return. Okay, I don’t think it’s that scary if it’s recommended for 3rd graders up . . . but I won’t take my chances. Finally, you can find tons of delectable apples at a lovely locale – Fireside Orchard & Gardens in Northfield is the place to be for all things fall-related. How do you like them apples? (Had to do it.)

Think that autumn’s meals are just for squash and beer? (A disturbing combo in and of itself.) Well, guess again. Apparently, “October” originates from the Latin for “age of pie,” because it’s also National Pizza Month! On account of the Kobweb’s sage advice, Northfield’s options can be narrowed down if you’re looking to enjoy some Italiano cucina… meaning Italian cuisine in English. B&L Pizza, located in the heart of downtown, has been a regular destination for me since I moved here, thanks to their great service, superb toppings and 100% real Wisconsin cheese. Move down a few blocks and you have Basil’s Pizza, another mouthwatering pizza parlor that has been a local restaurant staple since 1960. Their sweet sauce is the not-so-secret ingredient that makes all the flavors come alive. Then jump across Highway 3 and you’ll find a sign identifying George’s Vineyard, but don’t be fooled – shockingly, it’s not an actual vineyard. It’s in fact a delightful pizzeria that offers up a delicioso menu with foods that will have your taste buds singing kumbaya. It should be noted that all three restaurants provide a gluten-free crust for those, like me, who scientifically morph into gremlins at the very taste of wheat. So this month, make it a pizza night at B&L, Basil’s or George’s . . . or all three at once! (#TriplePizza will make it onto Twitter…X, whatever.)

Craving a fall dessert? After hitting the Northfield pizza joints, hop on over to CakeWalk downtown, where pumpkin spice, pumpkin strudel and caramel apple pie cupcakes are waiting to fulfill their edible destiny, yum-yum-style.

In other news, October’s film releases are ready to seize the spotlight. Late last month saw dystopian-apocalyptic-sci-fi-action-thriller (DASFAT) blockbuster The Creator capture the intrigue of moviegoers, including myself, as I am belatedly proclaiming it my Must-See Movie of the Month for September. Gareth Edwards’ futuristic flick thrusts audiences into an epic war between AI and mankind, one that even Siri can’t solve. Looking to the non-robot-controlled future, the most significant picture on this month’s list may be Martin Scorsese’s newest Oscar-buzzer, Killers of the Flower Moon. Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name, this startling true story centers around the murders of Osage Nation tribe members in Oklahoma during the 1920s, and the investigation led by agents of the newly formed FBI that follows. Loyal Scorsesians, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, lead the impressive ensemble cast, which precipitated my decision to name this my MSMM (c’mon, you can figure it out) for October. Lastly, during this Halloween season, I make a plea for you to not see the substantial amount of horror films out in the cinema. I admit that I hold a minimal tolerance for horror – some have even thrown around the word “lightweight.” But that is not a bias in my judgment! Just so you know: The Nun II isn’t a Christian documentary, Saw X does not revolve around woodworking and Five Nights at Freddy’s is not a family comedy about a sleepover. Beware!

It seems there’s plenty of fun to be had this spooky season. Soon princesses, superheroes and whatever is hot in pop culture will be roaming the streets (I’m sensing a lot of Taylor Swifts this year). These costumed folks ring the doorbell, they say “trick-or-treat,” and we give them candy. Why? Because every year we get to see the simple joy that results.