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Springtime is coming. As most of my fellow residents of southern Minnesota celebrate the expanding piles of mud and increased intensity of devastating allergies while hoping that Phil, the renowned Punxsutawney beaver (or is it a porcupine?), will keep his promise, I simply attempt to stay in reality. (I’m a winter fan – please withhold your ire.) But by the luck of the leprechaun, March is here to unite both seasonal lovers and haters with an array of exciting events on the big screen.

Though there is a disturbing lack of Irish films debuting this St. Patrick’s month, nor many pictures revolving around rabbits who break-and-enter one night per year, March’s movie selection is much more ample compared to the relatively dry spell that plagued American cinemas during the first sixth of 2024. That dry streak ends on the first day of the fresh month when Dune: Part Two arrives. Following the 2021 Oscar-winning blockbuster that successfully adapted part of Frank Herbert’s beloved sci-fi novel, Dune: Part Two is, well…part two of that epic story. Helmed by visionary director Denis Villeneuve, the sequel sees gifted warrior Paul Atreides lead a new people into battle against a powerful tyranny that will soon rule everything across the universe unless stopped by the remaining revolutionaries on Arrakis. Featuring some unbelievable visuals plus a star-studded ensemble that includes new additions Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Christopher Walken, Dune: Part Two has earned the Korner’s universally idolized, revered and venerated Must-See Movie of the Month (MSMM) designation. You’re welcome, Warner Bros.

However, sandworms and weird people with blue eyes might not pique the interest of Generation Alpha. (I find that title personally insulting to folks like me who are dubbed simply as “Z”.) Hopefully animals that practice taekwondo will do the trick. Eight years after his last cinematic adventure, flabby fighter Po faces a menacing enemy in Kung Fu Panda 4. The tubby trooper will be taking on a mentor figure in this chronicle as he seeks a new kung fu master to take over his role as Dragon Warrior. But, as usual, things get more complicated when a manipulative villain called the Chameleon wreaks havoc. It’s up to Po and friends to take on their biggest threat yet. Maybe after this film is released, they’ll finally make that dramatic live action retelling I’ve been pushing for: Jujitsu Bamboo Bear. My future as a DreamWorks producer aside, Kung Fu Panda 4 karate chops its way into theaters on March 8.

When you’re hoping for a spooky action-adventure comedy to possess the cinema, who ya gonna call? (Probably the local movie theater, I suppose.) Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, the next chapter in the now 40-year-old film franchise, picks up where 2021’s legacy sequel Afterlife left off, with ’busters both old and new assembling to solve a ghostly mystery. A bizarre supernatural force begins freezing everything in its wake, so cue up Ray Parker Jr. – it’s time for the New York City heroes to don those semi-ridiculous suits and exterminate an icy foe. Featuring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson back in bigger roles this time as their classic characters, Frozen Empire spreads its frosty chill around the country on March 22. (Don’t panic, I’m being figurative.)

This month’s movie lineup ends with a roar when the premiere of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire marks another team-up between the two monster movie icons. (The last time was Godzilla vs. Kong in 2021, but that’s when they were fighting. As Facebook would say, it’s complicated.) The latest action-packed installment in the MonsterVerse (no joke, that’s the actual formal franchise title) finds the characters reuniting in search of a common cause when a lethal danger is discovered that will alter everything close to the titans themselves. I’ve spoken before about the enlightened audience demographic labeled as “pretentious viewers” by yours truly. Watching a massive monkey and a giant lizard duke it out with similarly huge fictional creatures may not fit their classy taste, but I rail against this prejudice. How do you think the term “dumb fun” came about? See it for yourself when Godzilla x Kong blasts onto the screen on March 29.

Additionally, with Oscars® season fully upon us, some cinemas are reshowing Best Picture® nominees – I can proudly proclaim that major contenders Oppenheimer and Killers of the Flower Moon were each members of the MSMM club last year. Never discount the Korner’s awards impact! Each year I obsess to a fault in predicting the winners, so keep an eye out for the annual Oscars forecast on my website,, and check out the 96th Academy Awards® on ABC, March 10.