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Kosmo EsplanGreetings and salutations! I have exclusive news to report: spring is back. (It strangely seems as though it almost comes annually.) And with that return, there’s plenty to be excited for – including a new slate of films to check out at your local cinemas.

Kicking things off this month is the long-awaited – and buzzworthy – The Super Mario Bros. Movie. An animated adaptation of the beloved video game, this visually striking cinematic adventure follows ordinary Brooklyn plumber Mario as he’s whisked away into the Mushroom Kingdom on a grandiose quest to save his brother Luigi from the clutches of sinister and ruthless Koopa leader Bowser. If you haven’t played the classic fungi-filled game (like me), there’ll still be plenty to enjoy for the whole family. Heck, I’m a mushroom fan, so count me in. The film also boasts an impressive voice cast, so this is my verified personal pick for the must-see picture of April.

And now after boxing drama Creed III scored big-time at the box office, I am unofficially declaring that the centuries-old rift between sports fans and movie fans has been settled. To celebrate this historic unification, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have reunited to collaborate on the movie Air, which tells the true story of an obscure shoe company that signs a fateful deal with a rookie basketball player. Or, less ambiguously, how Nike and Michael Jordan made each other famous with the Air Jordan brand. Now that Amazon, the film’s distributor, has granted Air a wide theatrical release, it’s evident that the studio is confident in the movie’s capability…or Jeff Bezos is just spending money for fun.

Up next is Renfield. Here’s all you need to know: Nicolas Cage plays Dracula. SOLD! A new take on the vampire genre, this action horror comedy revolves around Count Dracula’s personal assistant Renfield as he explores modern-day New Orleans and falls in love – but things can be awkward when your ex-boss is a nocturnal blood-drinker. We’ve all been in those situations, haven’t we?

Another month filled with great moviegoing options and, with plenty more on the way, it’s a true testament to how bountiful a single art form can be. With hundreds of motion pictures premiering every year, I don’t think the world will ever tire of movies. I know that I won’t.