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Dancing Duo: Sostek and McClellan

When Brian Sostek and Megan McClellan won the Ivey Award, which recognizes accomplishments of Twin Cities’ professional theaters and artists, on Sept. 21, 2015,


Zumbrota…the One & Only

Have you heard of the little town of Zumbrota, located in Southeast Minnesota? If you have, it may be because it is the home


The Border Hookups New Album

When The Border Hookups began thinking about recording a new project, their first task was to decide where to record. This was actually a


The Illustrious Life of L.K. Hanson

L.K. (Larry) Hanson, creator of a popular St. Olaf comic strip in the ’60s and long-time StarTribune illustrator and writer, came to Northfield recently to talk


History Matters: Featuring RCHS

It is not surprising that Susan Garwood, executive director of the Rice County Historical Society, expresses a fondness for history. But it turns out

Northfield, A Temperance Town?

Northfield, a temperance town? Well, sort of… “No intoxicating drinks shall be sold or in any manner furnished as a beverage on said premises.”


City of Thieves by David Benioff

Review by Emily Lloyd It’s winter in St. Petersburg during the siege of Leningrad, and 17-year-old Lev has never been so tired, hungry or


Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

Review by David Wolff It’s fairly standard practice to describe a new fantasy series as epic in scope, but I’m at a loss for


Welcome to Lakeville

Lakeville is a great place to live, work and play! We are a thriving community with a population now estimated more than 65,000. There


This is Northfield

Northfield offers a variety of outdoor activities for all ages and is bursting with vibrant culture, esteemed academics, celebrated arts, progressive technology and a


Dean Margaret Evans of Carleton

  Margaret Evans served Carleton College from 1874 to 1908. A friend described her as being a “tall, slender, dark-eyed woman whose keen eyes


Artist of the Month: Karina Kern

Earning money through professional performances is a dream come true for most musicians, and singer/songwriter Karina Kern leads by example as she has spent


A’BriTin Catering

What is A’BriTin’s most popular dish? Mac and Cheese. What do you offer that is a surprise to clients? Hitch and Sip Trailer, a


May Merriment in Northfield

Ah, May! In the early years of the last century, the sounds of music echoed from Manitou Heights down to Lyman Lakes as Northfielders


Wishes By Muon Thi Van

Review by Alexa Ochocki Illustrated by Victo Ngai In this story we follow a young girl and her family as they flee their homeland,


Historic Happenings, The Book

I have occasionally been asked, “When will there be a book of your columns?” Now I have an answer: A book with the catchy


A Burning by Megha Majumdar

Review by David Wolff Set in modern day India, Megha Majumdar’s debut novel A Burning kicks off with Jivan, a young Muslim woman, offhandedly critiquing the

Early Music in Northfield

Law books or piano? There was not room for both when John and Ann North planned their move from New York to St. Anthony


Mani & Pedi Fun

What is Frenchies’ most popular service? Our most popular service is the Signature Pedicure, which kicks off with a softening and cleansing foot soak.

Past Aprils

“Masquerade Ball! Easter Monday, April 7, 1890, at the Opera House. Tickets $1, gallery 50¢ with the privilege of dancing after 11 o’clock. Everybody